Better City LAB

October 20-23, 2010

Day 2: Enterprise

When & Where

Thursday, October 21
Garrison Brewery
19:30 to 21:30
Doors open at 19:00

This is an opportunity to spark conversations on the new impact economy and actually participate in community-based investment. In short, this is a fun night to help local social innovators make their ideas happen with a little conversation and a little investment

Step One: Your Ticket is an Investment

Ticket cost: $30.
Of this: $5 goes to event.
More importantly: $25 will be returned to you in "local investment chips".
Perhaps even more importantly: you receive a curiously blank slip of paper. This we describe below.

Step Two: Learning about the Impact Economy in Halifax

Quick presentations will paint the picture of Halifax's entrepreneurial and social impact economy. You will hear from the HUB, the Coast, Greater Halifax Partnership and perhaps others.

Step Three: Ideas from Incubator give Elevator Pitch to YOU

Each person who participated in the HUB's idea-incubator (see below for background) will give their elevator pitch to the audience. Listen closely, take notes - this next part involves you.

Step Four: Invest in your own Backyard

You learned about the impact economy in Halifax. You heard great entrepreneurial ideas for a better city, better life in Halifax. You have local investment chips & that curiously blank piece of paper in your pocket.

Time will be then given for networking and asking each entrepreneur further questions one-on-one. If you like someone's idea, hand them some of your chips and/or pull out that curiously blank piece of paper and a pen - dedicate a few hours of your skills to that person to help them with their endeavour. Money is one way to invest - skills, time and passion are others.

Step Five: Winners Announced

A prize package of in-kind services from a number of businesses and institutions (including NSCC, Halifax Club, the Mayor's Office, the Premier's Office) will be awarded to the top entrepreneurs from the idea-incubator. If YOU want to contribute to this prize package, please do contact us!

Entrepreneurial Ideas for a Better City, Better Life in Halifax

Collaborating with the 4 Days team, the Hub Halifax created a 6 week peer-to-peer incubator program for a few people with great ideas in Halifax. We are supporting & accelerating the development of these great ideas and showcasing them on ENTERPRISE day of 4 Days. This idea-incubator provides opportunity to work on strategy, connect people to resources & talent in our community and globally.

On Septermber 15 we hosted a public event at the Hub for people committed to bringing their ideas to fruition using business development models that prioritize social and ecological impact alongside profit making which can make the community a better place to live, work, and play. In a peer-to-peer selection process, nine social entrepreneurs were chosen to participate in this pilot, experimental incubator program.

We aim for this program to be ongoing - so keep in touch if you missed this first round!

Evolving Ideas to Evolve Ideas

The idea-incubator program evolved from the Dragon's Lair event of 4 Days 2009. Local social entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to a panel of experts. Advice and play-money were awarded. We got to thinking - wouldn't it be great if we actually helped people develop their elevator pitch and business plans to be closer to investment-ready .. and had investments to award during 4 Days.